My Artistic Credo

The painter is the one who envisage images, he is the messenger among the visual, the inner thought and personality. The driving force behind my creativity is exploring the endless possibilities of colours and shades.

I believe that painting is a kind of silent communication, it is a silent flow between the observer and the creator. It is important for me to have clear, honest expression in my visual world.

István Korbely

I was born June 29, 1960 in Szarvas, I also live and work here since 1988. My masters were Pál Gerzson and János Aknay.

In 1999 I was admitted to the Hungarian Association of Hungarian Artists, and I am a member of the Association of Artists in Stuttgart (Germany) and the Art Society of Békés (Hungary).

Between 1996-2000 I was the Artistic Director of the Békés County Free School. Since 2005 I have been the Artistic Tutor of the Szarvas Creative Group. I regularly hold painting courses in Hungary, in Szentendre, Nagykanizsa and Pécs.

As a professional artist, my works of art can be found in many Hungarian and foreign galleries, institutions and private collections.

Major exhibitions

1990 Germany (Stuttgart)

1995 Germany (Essen)

1998 Spain (Reinosa)

2000 Italy (Lago Maggiore)

2006 Hungary (Budapest)

2006 Hungary (Budapest)

2006 China (Beijing, Harbin)

2016 Austria (Mallnitz)

He places the memory of space, traces of objects on wood fibre board or canvas. He takes of the outer crust and approaches the essence from the invisible. István Korbely reduces, formulates the world around us with sumptuous pictorial tools.
János Cs. Tóth, writer
(Source: www.barkaonline.hu)