He attempts to answer to the questions of current time

István Korbely’s paintings are persuasive abstractions. They are the compositions of variations of colours and forms, and at the same time they are characterized by a visual system of sensitively painted surfaces.

The painter uses constructed – but not constructive structures and the abstract geometric imagery can also be detected in his paintings. His approach is clearly picturesque, his aim is to create scenic values, which means the unit of materials and topics, as well as the unit of expression and form and their joint strength. The figuration, the respect of composition, the conscious construction and first of all the creative thought and the surreal depiction are important for him. This concerns mostly his landscape impressions demonstrating the decaying nature.

The result of the repeated topics is the visual redefinition and re-dimension of his thoughts. It is clear that there are some phenomena and events which permanently occupy his thoughts, thus in the newly painted pictures of the same topics new emphases and interpretations are shown. The big canvases are full of reinterpreted memories and thoughts. His earlier thoughts are summarized this way. His creativity strengthens the special and unique motivation of these repainted pictures.

The visual ideas cannot be separated from the painter’s approach, the patchy use of colours, the broad brushstrokes and the tiny drawings inserted into the paintings. His thoughts are occupied by forms and colours. The lights painted with opposite colours can often be observed. He uses the picture-in-picture technology to enhance the strength of message. His colours are Mediterranean: many shades of pink, orange, red, ultramarine as well as different shades of green, ochre, black and brown.

His pictures are well elaborate and understandable. Under the painted layers of colours there is important graphic representation. The surface of paintings is characterized by scratchings and scrapings. His pictorial asset is the so-called “drawing-in” which seems to be the result of a sudden thought, but it is certainly the last deep-laid thought as “the last brushstroke” in some of his works. His pictures are always finished completely with well elaborated surface.

István Korbely Above the shore

He is a conscious painter. The harmony, the sensitivity and receptivity to the general human values and the respect of beauty and equilibrium are traceable in his paintings. The structures of nature, the organic forms and especially the flowers are his favourite topics. His big-size poppy paintings are extremely decorative.

In his other pictures specific architectural motifs, or outposts of Roman age at the seasides and structures of Mediterranean buildings i.e. a sort of elementary experiences connected to the constructed environment can be identified. (The triptych painted for his daughter consists of similar motifs e.g. children's drawings and topics of naive paintings.) It is the lyrical abstract which can be identified in his each painting not depending on the topic of the painting or the mode of expression. His human figures are carriers of absolute human values like fear, challenge, ugliness or beauty.

István Korbely is a contemporary painter who is influenced by the world and the visual environment in which he lives. He asks and attempts to answer to the questions of current time, to understand the world’s conflicts and his own feelings. He is the member of several art groups, associations and art workshops.

Source: www.terasz.hu