István Korbely has invented new colours

However, it is the colours he is not satisfied with. As the colours, he perceives in his meditations, do not exist in reality – he says. He is the painter who is happy to discuss the shades of red with you, but his red colour is totally other than that of others. It is a muslin-like poppy-red, not claret and not orange colour. It is a poppy of unbelievable spirituality and cheerful zest for life. Such a colour which you can reach only by using several overlapping layers of paint. – explains the Brush-man.

It is a sad and happy longing to paint such colours which he has seen in his meditations; however, they do not exist in the real life.

It is hopeless – whispers. But he is going to try to paint this colour again and again till the end of his life.

I am watching his paintings – they are orange flavour, intricate, inextricable, unequalled and unlearnable, cannot be copied, fugitive, and elusive and cannot be systematized. In the paintings there are scattered objects, clowns, colourful shawls, castles, fairy rooms, Bunuel figures in a crowd, and all of them pray for the recognition of visitors. These figures are straightened up in a special – never existing - order by the viewers. This distinguishes him from any other painter. Words, rooms, loves, fragrances, colours, odes and sonnets are painted by the man of colours, and he paints the emotions like layers of onionskin – and he needs only a brush to it…

The spectacular images which are offered by his paintings and are characteristic to him cannot be described in simple words. His paintings are timeless, but in a specific timeline they are rational as well as dream-like. Although everything can be seen and followed very well in the pictures but you are lost in space. You do not know where is below or above, or back and forward.

István Korbely Sunday

And what else is waiting for you if you are viewing the paintings?

His paintings are colourful rotating kaleidoscopes. Among the bathing-man in striped jerseys and elves in baggy pants there is so much beauty, tenderness and frailness, but at the same time there is power as well. Somewhere a bagpipe can be heard.

And yes, there is the blue bird of happiness. Just to be able to believe in the world and life, if you are desperate or you feel your life is treading in a narrow alley - even if only temporarily. However, in the depression there is the promise of chance. These paintings send the message that instead of all pains you have to tumble and laugh. There are eyes in the pictures which are watching us not allowing losing alertness, and there is a strong lust under the colourful parasols in the painting „Dreams”, where there is the flirty dowager with her strong musk fragrance, thick, flowing silky hair and feminine power….

This is a real fun-fair, but you are wrong if you think you can get cheap fairing there.

And there is the introvert prince conveying not only the enjoyable sight but much wisdom, many secrets, great depth and serious value.

Moreover, the merry whirl is a little bit delusive.

The deep and mysterious purple, green and blue pictures put a heavy burden on the viewers, and you can feel how difficult it is to navigate in the rich but intricate labyrinth of the world. There is a tentacle wasp-man with wings in the picture titled Garden of Eden, who sends the message to people to try realising their possibilities. Are we able to soar and realise our dreams? It depends only upon us. This is the wasp-man’s message.

István Korbely has got a special order in his pictures. There is an apparent mess, but there is a precise artistic logic as well. The basil-green colour and the whinnying horses in the picture “Entertainers” impact a profound effect on the viewers. And they want to see more and more of his paintings.

The pictures are full of small secluded nooks, internal pockets, lateral compartments, and hidden doors, but you do not know what is hidden behind them or where they lead.

This is the LIFE itself.

There are 77 secret rooms in this castle full of odds and ends, and the viewer would like to hide there and discover the contents of the secret pockets, to try on the ballet shoes, to touch the old velvets and children’s toys and imagine the life of people of that era.

István Korbely Halation

Yes, the playfulness is the largest mission of the painter. He wants to warn us not to forget to play.

However, he became adult, the painter preserved the miracles of childhood with the taste of strawberries, the three promises of the gold fish, the pearlescent colour of oranges and the secret gardens which are painted again and again.

These gardens are lovable.

In the surreal picture titled “Dream” the composition shows through a tracing paper, and the joint appearance of Pinocchio and the Prince does not confuse the viewer. István Korbely’s mysterious, fairy pictures convey the reality. The paintings come to life: you can hear the crickets sound and the cymbal snapping, but the cool breeze and the sweet smell of olives bring sadness to you.

This is not the bright side of life!

And quickly we find ourselves in the middle of the picture, or the bustle of life. There is the funfair with its shelves and candy tents with the promise of sweet taste of lollipops and honeycomb at the shore of the lake.

Is it the reality or the dreams? Who knows? And why is it so beautiful? It is impossible to explain, but you can feel...