He attempts to answer to the questions of current time

István Korbely’s paintings are persuasive abstractions. They are the compositions of variations of colours and forms, and at the same time they are characterized by a visual system of sensitively painted surfaces.

- Mária Angyal, art historian -

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István Korbely Blue ether
István Korbely Longing

István Korbely has invented new colours

However, it is the colours he is not satisfied with. As the colours, he perceives in his meditations, do not exist in reality – he says. He is the painter who is happy to discuss the shades of red with you, but his red colour is totally other than that of others.

- Erika Neudl, writer -

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Lightness and essence of invisibility

István Korbely’s art provoke different emotions from the observers and suggest various stories. Despite the fact that he does not have any trace of objective references in his mixed technique paintings, he is very effective in making it undefinable what we actually see.

- János Cs. Tóth, writer -

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István Korbely Leaking rain
His paintings are timeless, but in a specific timeline they are rational as well as dream-like. Although everything can be seen and followed very well in the pictures but you are lost in space. You do not know where is below or above, or back and forward.
Erika Neudl, writer